YGX-A high speed drops filling line

The main technical parameters
Applicable bottle specifications 3ml-30ml
Production capacity 140-200 bottle / min
Total power supply 380V50Hz 10KW
Dimension 8800x1820x2650mm
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  • YGX-A drops filling line is our new generation design which is comply withe the new version of GMP requirements, The whole line will be automatically achieved the process of bottle unscrambling, gas washing, filling, stoppers loading & plugging .caps loading & capping .etc ,lt has been through the new version GMP certification and CE certification , currently it is the solution for stops filling.
  • 1, the entire line of slender structure, can be a single side through sterile gloves to complete all operations, do not destroy the clean environment, fully meet the requirements of the national version of GMP.
    2, each function area is equipped with RABS system, ensure no cross contamination.
    3, the whole machine PLC control, touch screen operation, frequency control, fault alarm, fault protection function, automatic counting function.
    4, ion wind dust, dust collection automatic discharge, composite blowing blowing down the needle alone, without cross contamination, ensure blowing effect.
    5, the use of high precision ceramic pump filling, separate servo system control, the filling amount of each filling head can be adjusted at any time in the man-machine interface. High accuracy, good stability, long service life.
    6, the filling of advanced control technology, to ensure the filling no shock, no splash, no bubble, no leakage generated.
    7, multi point optical fiber monitoring, has no bottle filling, torinese, without external cover, no plug capping function, with automatic rejection function.
    8, the use of mechanical hand plug, plug, cover, cover, accurate and reliable action, high pass rate.
    9, the specification of the use of limited positioning design, installed after no need to adjust the replacement, no special tools to replace. All specifications unified numbering and laser engraving. Equipment maintenance, repair, replacement parts for convenient and quick.
    10, alone with the material buffer tank, can be achieved online cleaning and heat sterilization.